Reinventing everything but the wheel

By joining our Lab, our partners gain access to a global network of innovation and resources, and work with the most talented developers, researchers and designers.

In our Lab, we are constantly researching new mobility trends. How, what and where are people driving? What can we do with digitally-equipped cars? How are city dwellers using urban bikes?

We have traced the processes that people follow to buy, rent, use and share vehicles, identifying the critical links between technology and future drivers.

OEMs are shifting from vehicle makers to mobility solution providers. Companies in the Autoparts, Services and Logistics sectors are redefining their entire business models, to go beyond their traditional product and service focus.

At B4Motion, we know how to take advantage of this crucial shift in the mobility business.

In our innovation Lab, we provide our partners with the insights and products to become leading companies in the automotive industry and to capitalise upon new opportunities in the digital economy.

  • Research & Benchmarking

    We identify new services and improvements in the automotive ecosystem as part of our roadmap to leverage the new digital and customer-oriented mobility world.

  • Design & Build

    The best ideas need outstanding design. Our team of digital experts and designers delivers integrated solutions to fulfil current and future mobility needs.

  • Launch & Test

    Our collaboration with Berge Auto and other OEMs allows us to perform genuine proof of concept and feedback in a most privileged framework.

  • Accelerate & Evolve

    When working with B4Motion Venture, Lab Products enter a new path: we boost our creations, turning them into the most loved products in the mobility ecosystem.

Our roadmap

Our products

A new car retail solution that revolutionises the traditional experience

Trive transforms, adapts and improves the car purchase experience from the ground up. Combining decades of automotive experience with cutting-edge technologies, Trive is the solution to the latest challenges facing the automotive retail industry. It optimises the traditional steps – discovery, test drive and purchase – and adds new ones, to give drivers a completely unforgettable and amazing experience. Get ready for the drivevolution!

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The intelligent connected vehicle platform for drivers and business

Over the next 5 years, legacy systems and new platforms alike will spawn a plethora of actionable information about vehicles, drivers, infrastructure and services. Boton will merge numerous sources into a new platform that provides contextual value and anticipates future challenges facing mobility ecosystems. A team of industry leaders and consumer product specialists are collaborating on this project to generate extraordinary value from data. Boton will be omnipresent in all vehicles and systems and will connect the dots to produce actionable insights that enhance the driver experience, for everyone who sits behind the wheel over the next 10 years.

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Our Team

Our team gathers professionals with high expertise in the digital business and the automotive sector making this joint adventure a unique growth opportunity.

  • Sebastián Canadell


  • José Pacheco

    Managing Partner

  • Carlos Cruz

    Managing Partner

  • Kenny Otero


  • Daniel Alonso

    Lab Director

  • Jorge Correa


  • Ángel Río

    Research & Knowledge Manager

  • Kathy González

    Head of Office


  • Sergio Ruiz Product Design
  • Sergio Cerrutti Frontend Development
  • Isabel Inés User Experience
  • Víctor Jimeno Mobile Strategy
  • Edgar Martín-Blas Virtual Reality Product
  • Alejandro Gonzalez Architecture
  • Juan Nogueras Backend Development


  • Mauricio Morales Business & Core Tech
  • Eduardo González Mobile Strategy/Dev
  • Mariano Amiune Visual Production
  • Lucas Sáez Product Launch Production

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