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4 years ago in Mobility

Then comes the drivevolution

It is happening now. The more you look at your neighbourhood, the more you understand that everything is changing. Maybe you had not noticed, but the way you are moving from your house to any part of the city is dramatically evolving.

Nowadays, even in the early mornings, at the mere touch of your fingertips, you could start the day with a complete and real-time awareness of how your friends woke up, the condition of the city traffic, or just how the weather is performing right now. Probably, you have found a new car on the parking lot, charging directly from the building. Lucky you if this is your car, the car you can control from your new iwatch 

while your neighbour smilingly watches, thinking that this is just a fancy game on your wristband. Maybe, you have seen the guy stepping down from an electric bicycle and dropping grocery goods. It is more than possible that you turn on your social mapping app to drive in a more efficient way to your office, picking up some colleagues along the way. These are just an example of how technology is reshaping our mobility habits, related to moving from A to B. This is what we call #drivevolution.

then it comes

It’s not just a catchy hashtag, it’s our vision about how tech, humans, companies, and institutions are interacting and generating new process and patterns that the most talented entrepreneurs are decoding to create what the VC used to call Unicorns.

Here, at B4Motion, we firmly believe that the world is changing. It is a continuous process, which accelerates itself even faster with each iteration.  Smartphones, IoT, and new amazing technologies still to come are essential elements to produce this jump. A more efficient, greener, or just human and reliable types of mobility services are landing in our neighbourhood. B4Motion will be investing and developing ideas to foster this process of innovation. Converting concepts of facts, moving from “MVP” to real business. Making true the dreams of motivated startups. Making this world a better place to move. A digitally-enhanced experience for all individuals; each day starts travel from A to B.

Welcome to the #drivevolution.

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